Omar Faruk Arrested In Nairobi Over Pinnacle Debt

The long hand of the law has finally caught up with a Somali national, Omar Faruk Osman, who has over the past five years been avoiding settling a debt that was incurred during his reign as Secretary General of Eastern Africa Journalists Association.
Mr Omar was in Nairobi to pursue a case where he had sued a rival group of officials of National Union of Somali Journalists who had beaten him a recent elections to stop funding the latter from receiving funds from an NGO registered in Kenya.
According a local newspaper in Kenya, “Business Daily” the court confiscate his three passports and ordered him to pay Ksh1.8 million before he was released pending the hearing of the case in May.
Mr Faruk was arrested the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while travelling following complaints by local tours and travel firm Pinnacle – which organised the conference on his behalf few years ago.
The conference was organised by UNESCO, which availed all the funds only for Mr Omar swindle the funds.
“Immediately after the conference Mr Osman promised to pay the sums through numerous meetings and emails,” Pinnacle said in its petition, adding that Mr Osman had at one time confirmed that the amount had been sent to their local bank account but nothing had been paid to date.


Justice Charles Kariuki issued a warrant for his arrest after Pinnacle went to court claiming that Mr Osman, who has been on the run since 2012, has occasionally sneaked in and out of Kenya without settling the debt.

Mr Osman, who was arraigned in court yesterday, was released after depositing Sh1.8 million as security and surrendering his three passports, pending the hearing and determination of a case Pinnacle has filed at the Milimani Court.

Aside from his Somali and British passports, Mr Osman also holds an AU diplomatic passport.

Pinnacle claims Mr Osman incurred the debt when he organised a conference at the Laico Regency Hotel as an official of the East Africa Journalists Association (EAJA).

But Mr Osman says in a fresh application that his arrest and confiscation of his travel documents is illegal as he enjoys diplomatic immunity as the chairman of the political affairs committee of economic and social cultural commission of the AU.

Pinnacle has enjoined the EAJA as the second respondent in the suit.

The conference was sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) with Mr Osman as the organiser.

EAJA claimed in an email to Pinnacle that Mr Osman misappropriated funds intended to settle the debt and promised to organise for a repayment.

Arrested by immigration officers

Mr Osman told the court that he was on an AU trip to Casablanca on Sunday May 1 when he was arrested by immigration officers before he was dragged to court and ordered to deposit half the sum Pinnacle wants to recover from him.

The AU diplomat says walking in the streets of Nairobi without any form of identity ha a turned him into highly suspicious individual and made it impossible to attend to official duties.

Pinnacle claims that Unesco had confirmed releasing all funds for the conference to Mr Osman and his organising committee, but the AU diplomat has not been forthcoming with the payment.
Additional reporting by “Business Daily”

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